Author: Florida Capital Bank

19Nov 2018

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year! However, they can also be the most crime-filled time of the year. As we continue to celebrate the season, stay safe with our top suggestions to protect yourself from fraud and theft. Strengthen Your PasswordsOnline shopping is convenient during the holidays and makes gift Continue reading »

04Oct 2018

What should business owners do to grow the value of their business? Most advice favors increasing sales and enhancing profits. Instead, business owners should strive to get the business viewed as a low risk, highly desirable investment opportunity. Every lender, investor or buyer looks at a business differently; however, the one factor that trumps all Continue reading »

02Oct 2018

Trisha Cornelius has always been passionate about childcare. When she was a young girl, she looked after her nieces and nephews. It wasn’t until having her second child in 2004, though, that she realized finding the quality care she wanted for her own daughter was a tedious task. That’s when Trisha realized that she wanted Continue reading »

20Sep 2018

When a natural disaster strikes, millions of people in the path of destruction may find themselves needing assistance, and generous people do what they can to help those in need. Unfortunately, during times of crisis, criminals exploit these disasters for their own gain by sending fraudulent communications through email, social media and creating fake websites Continue reading »

20Aug 2018

Florida Capital Bank Small Business Success Story Jason Underwood and Lauren Wyckoff, Owners of BrewHound Jason Underwood and Lauren Wyckoff were traveling and missing their dogs, Wicket, Scrambles and Too when inspiration struck.   “We were in Orlando at a hotel visiting family from up North, and Jason and I were relaxing outside having a Continue reading »

06Aug 2018

Scammers often target the elderly because they tend to have money and can sometimes be too trusting. Crooks who prey on this population often use the telephone or Internet to trick their victims with promises of prize money, threats designed to scare them into sending money, or companionship. Here are some of the most common Continue reading »

02Aug 2018

With back-to-school shopping in full swing, parents and students are spending money in stores and online. According to the National Retail Federation, back-to-school spending is projected to reach $82.8 billion the year.  Shoppers need to be cautious of scammers especially when it comes to using debit or credit cards for purchases. Here are some helpful Continue reading »

27Jul 2018

Back-to-school season is in full swing, which means back to school shopping is also here! Amongst all the chaos, one may start to feel rather overwhelmed with the daunting trips to the school supply section. In the hopes of making this season a little less chaotic, here are some ways to make sure you don’t Continue reading »

03Jul 2018

The following article was written by Florida Capital Bank’s VP of Warehouse Operations, Jacqueline Ring. She was originally featured in the March edition of the Scotsman Guide. We hope you enjoy her insights on how utilizing a warehouse line of credit could be beneficial for your business. The mortgage industry rewards an entrepreneurial spirit. If Continue reading »

24May 2018

As a hiring manager, it’s important to make sure you have a lending staff with a diverse level of experience. You have your long-term loan officers (LOs) who’ve become superstars in the mortgage business, and then you have those who are still trying to learn the ropes. While giving the new hire a chance can Continue reading »