As Florida’s Hemp Bank, FLCBank believes there is great potential for growth in the Hemp Industry in Florida. Hemp can is used to create:

  • Food & drink products
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Beauty and skincare products
  • Health products
  • Pet product
  • Automobiles
  • Home and office products
  • Farming & gardening products
  • Industrial products

We want to help your business grow as much as we want to be Florida’s Hemp Bank. This article looks at how Florida Capital Bank can help your business thrive in the Hemp and CBD Industry.



  1. Supporting Hemp/CBD Businesses Being Let Go By Their Banks
  2. Other Specialty Banking Services
  3. Banking Solutions For Legal Hemp Baking Related Industries
  4. Speak with A Banker Today


Supporting Hemp/CBD Businesses Being Let Go By Their Banks

It’s not unheard of for large financial institutions to drop businesses that grow, produce, and sell CBD or Hemp Products. Hemp and CBD business owners across the country report this is happening more and more, leaving them without essential baking services. 

This is because not all banks focus on representing small businesses that manufacture, distribute, and/or sell HEMP/CBD products. Financial institutions that do not dedicate themselves to the hemp market will find they are not in compliance and will likely exit the market. 

Another part of this reason can be attributed to the fact that there are rules still being established for Hemp and CBD banking. Financial regulators such as the FDIC and OCC do not plan to issue specific guidance on hemp. Instead, they depend on each institution to provide those services in a safe, sound manner.

Something that makes FLCBank unique is, we’ve created a separate department for Hemp and CBD Banking. We research every single customer that we have to identify what they need. Sometimes this requires calling state or county departments to determine what that customer needs to open their account and stay in compliance.


Banking Solutions For Legal Hemp Baking Related Industries

FLCBank is “fully dedicated” to understanding the rules and will make hemp banking part of its strategic offering to become Florida’s Hemp Bank.

While the rules may require additional paperwork and monitoring, we combine personalized service with local decision-making to provide checking accounts and online banking services to businesses in this growing industry.


FLCBank offers banking solutions for legal hemp-related industries, including:

  • Hemp Business Checking and Savings Accounts
  • Electronic Banking Solutions
  • Cash Management Solutions


Other Specialty Banking Services

Hemp Banking falls under FLCBank’s specialty banking services. Other specialty services FLCBank offers are:

  1. Payment Solutions
  2. ACH Solutions
  3. Industry Solutions


Speak with A Banker Today

At FLCBank, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service! Our expert team is ready to answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to reach out to us today!

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