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Chin Hsieh, Partner of West Georgia Café Inc.

“Everyone at Florida Capital Bank is very responsive; they care about the business as much as you do,” 

Every day, hundreds of Douglasville, Georgia, residents visit their neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts to grab a coffee on the way to the office or share a delicious pastry with friends. The Hsieh family, operating as West Georgia Café Inc., has owned the store for more than 20 years. Their decades of dedication paid off in 2016 when the store became the top-performing location in the competitive Georgia market.

When the family had the opportunity to partner with Dunkin’ Donuts for a new corporate development, Chin Hsieh knew who to call.

“I had a contact at Florida Capital Bank from when I attended law school in Jacksonville, Florida,” she said. “We kept in touch over the years, and I kept him updated on the plans I had to open more stores. This went on for two or three years; every time I’d think we had a good opportunity, something would fall through. Finally, I contacted him and said, ‘I think this is actually going to happen.’”

Chin’s loan officer with Florida Capital Bank worked with her to decide what financing option would be the best fit for this new construction project. Ultimately, Chin decided to pursue an SBA loan.

Even with Chin’s experience attending law school and passing the bar, the process of applying for her loan was challenging — especially with a target closing timeline of only a month and a half.

“Because of my legal background, I understood a lot of the process. Submitting the documents was still an arduous process, though. The amount of documentation the loan needs is significant, and there’s a lot involved.”

Chin did her due diligence and spoke with other banks; however, the level of service she received from her team at Florida Capital Bank made her final decision an easy one.

“Florida Capital Bank was so hands-on,” she said. “They tried their best to reach goals for me. They stayed late to make sure they could help me meet my goals.”

Chin’s new store, a combination of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, opened on December 26, 2016. The store’s sales have been so high, both Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins have sent prospective franchisees to Chin’s stores to study her success.

While other stores may serve the same coffee, donuts, and ice cream, Chin knows a key ingredient to her sales success is a great team — including her team at Florida Capital Bank.

“Everyone at Florida Capital Bank is very responsive; they care about the business as much as you do,” she said. “When they give you advice, they’re taking your business into consideration. They want you to make money. It feels like the whole team at Florida Capital Bank wants to work with you to help you complete your goals.”

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