Prevent Fraud With “Positive Pay” Service at Florida Capital Bank

No matter the size of your business, you are vulnerable to check fraud.

Business check fraud can include:

  • Lost or stolen checks
  • Duplicate and counterfeit checks (including paychecks)

At Florida Capital Bank, our expert team is ready to help you manage and control your business finances in every situation. Through our “Positive Pay” program we are able to provide you protection against fraud and ensure better control over your working capital.

FLCBank’s Positive Pay Service is made up of three simple steps.

  1. Data file creation
    • Through your Business Online Banking account, create an online data file. This includes both payee and checking information.
  2. File Review & Exception Report
    • FLCBank uses the file you upload to verify authenticity when your check is presented for payment. If the information does not match, the check will appear on a daily exceptions report we send to you for review.
  3. Decision to pay
    • Through Business Online Banking you make the decision to pay or not to pay the items on the exception report. Positive Pay also prevents duplicate checks from being paid.

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