The Benefits of Using ACH Payments

Today, most businesses typically accept payments in three main ways. They include:

  • Check
  • Cash
  • Card 

At FLCBank, we recognize that most businesses tend to overlook one other major form of payment: ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing.  

In this guide, we break down the benefits of ACH payments and how you can identify if this method is right for you.


  • Breaking Down the Benefits of ACH Payments with FLCBank
  • Making and Receiving Payments Through ACH Solutions
  • Is ACH Right for You: Get In Touch with FLCBank Today

Breaking Down the Benefits of ACH Payments with FLCBank

Through ACH payments, your business is able to debit your customer’s bank account directly for payment for your goods and or services. 

ACH payments, particularly same-day ACH, can be automated and made simpler from start to finish. The biggest benefits of ACH payment processing are:

  • Lower transaction fees compared to check and card processing:
    • ACH payment transactions typically cost less than .25 per transaction.
  • A more convenient way for your customers to pay:
    • ACH is commonly used in direct deposits for payroll recurring payments to service providers:
      • Utilities
      • B2B (business-to-business) transactions.
  • ACH payment processing transactions can give you (and your customers) peace of mind that transactions are secure. 
    • ACH payment process through a secure system that is encrypted, leaving your customer’s credentials protected and your business’s profits safeguarded.

Making and Receiving Payments Through ACH Solutions

Right now, businesses across a wide range of industries are making and receiving payments electronically using ACH Processing. This can also be referred to as e-checks or electronic funds transfers (EFT). 

At FLCBank, we offer a number of efficient ACH payment solutions, including:

  • Direct Deposit
    • This service allows your business to pay employees electronically with direct deposit.
  • Electronic Debits & Credits
    • This service supports vendors, suppliers, and consumers making B2C payments for recurring bills like:
      • Their mortgage,
      • Insurance premiums, 
      • Utility bills 
      • Club membership dues.

Is ACH Right for You: Get In Touch with FLCBank Today:

The next step is figuring out if ACH processing is the right solution for you. You should consider accepting ACH payments if your business:

  • Has recurring billing customers
  • Operates a subscription-based business 
  • Accepts a lot of paper checks
  • Processes B2B transactions

We encourage you to reach out to us about ACH processing today! Click HERE to learn more or contact Chris Macarages at 904-472-2778 or email at

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