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Will Montoya, Montoya & Associates

"With Florida Capital Bank, you get personalized service, which is hard to get with larger institutions these days. If others give Florida Capital Bank the opportunity, they’ll display their strengths."

William Montoya, CLU, is the principal owner and founder of Montoya & Associates, a Jacksonville, Florida-based provider of financial services, insurance, and employee benefits. William founded the company in 1990, after building a career in investments and deciding he could provide the same services on his own terms and directly to clients. Since its founding, Montoya & Associates has grown to serve over 200 corporate clients. Along the way, the company has expanded its service offerings immensely, outgrown its office space six times, and  created jobs for more than 30 people. The growth and success off the company spurred a need for its most recent relocation to a custom-build office space adjacent to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

When Montoya & Associates began looking for lending partners to finance the project, it had many options from the diverse and abundant client base it serves, as well as its partners’ existing relationships with many bankers in the Northeast Florida community. Montoya & Associates already relies on Florida Capital Bank for its business deposits, and Montoya administers the bank’s employee benefits; when the bank came in with the best commercial loan offering, the decision was clear.

“Florida Capital Bank has a great, longstanding relationship with the Jacksonville community,” said Montoya. “One of the nice things about working with them is they know a lot of people and have helped a lot of people on the way. Even with our business growth and transitions, I was able to get my business accounts in order, and they could accommodate my growing needs. It’s nice to be able to make a call and not have to jump through a thousand hoops because of our strong relationship.”

The existing relationship between Florida Capital Bank and Montoya & Associates grew even more throughout the financing process. The two companies worked together from start to finish to ensure all aspects of the project, from the initial purchase to the final phase of construction, went as smooth as possible. The end result was a beautiful, personalized space inspired by the plethora of unique clients who work with the company. Montoya & Associates officially moved into its new headquarters in January 2017.

Montoya wasn’t just impressed by the attention to detail Florida Capital Bank brought to the $3.5 million project; he also was grateful to know that the bank’s senior leadership, including CEO Malcolm Jones, took the time to personally visit the site and check in throughout the process.

“Having mutual trust is a big part of our relationship,” Montoya said. “ I would certainly recommend others to them. With Florida Capital Bank, you get personalized service, which is hard to get with larger institutions these days. They listen to your needs and respond with timely solutions, and they make time to come out and sit with us face-to-face and work through details. If others give Florida Capital Bank the opportunity, they’ll display their strengths.”

As Montoya & Associates continues to grow and evolve, Florida Capital Bank will continue to be a proud partner and customer.  


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