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Skip Trips to the Bank with FLCBank’s Remote Deposit Capture Service

At FLCBank, we bring the bank to you - literally! With our Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) service, you never have to visit a local branch. Instead, you can simply scan your checks using our scanner and submit your deposit securely from the convenience of your office or home.

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Enjoy the Convenience of Making Deposits on Your Time.

The Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture:

  • Minimizing Fraud: By starting your collection process sooner, your business has the ability to minimize your chance of fraud.
  • Streamline Your Cash Flow: The option to consolidate funds from multiple remote locations into one bank allows your business to streamline your cash flow.
  • Reduced Costs: Reduce your business’ costs by eliminating courier costs or employee trips to the bank.
  • Improve Monthly/Quarterly Processing Improve your businesses’ processing by posting checks received on the last day of the month or quarter in the same period.
  • Data Creation: Generate data and image output files containing check detail.
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How Remote Deposit Capture Works.

Three Simple Steps to make a remote deposit. 

  • Prepare Deposit:
    To begin, you’ll need to prepare your deposit, with the proper restrictive endorsement, as if you were taking it to the bank.  Next, you’ll sign on to Business Online Banking and select Merchant Capture to create a new deposit.
  • Scan Checks:
    When you start scanning your checks, the scanner will capture both the front and back of each check, the MICR information, and dollar amounts. 
  • Submit Deposit:
    All check images are electronically sent to FLCBank and deposited into your account the next day, subject to bank and regulatory hold policies.
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Is Remote Deposit Capture Right for Your Business? 

  • You are a sole proprietor or small business that makes frequent deposits and has a moderate volume of checks.
  • Your Business has multiple locations processing check deposits. 
  • You are a larger business or government entity that receives check payments by mail or in a point-of-sale, walk-up or drop-box environment processes a high volume of checks,  and requires multiple processing locations. 
  • You pay courier fees to deliver check deposits to the bank. 
  • You need to make check deposits after normal banking hours. 

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Treasury Management Services

At FLCBank, we offer a number of Treasury Management Services that can help you achieve optimal cash management solutions to meet your needs now, and as your business grows. By knowing your cash position 24/7, you can manage your business with confidence.

Positive Pay:

  • Detect unusual or unauthorized disbursement activity on your accounts.
  • Transmit an electronic file of the checks you issued to us for automated comparison with checks presented for payment.
  • You will receive an alert of any non-matching checks for you to make a payment decision.
  • Instruct the bank to either honor your check and to pay it or dishonor your check and return it.
  • Click here to learn more about Positive Pay.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Wire Transfers:

  • Easily and securely download your ACH files.
  • Initiate and manage online wire transfers, including domestic and international payments (USD and foreign currency)


  • Allow your customers or business partners to send payments directly to your lockbox.
  • Minimize debt costs and keep funds available for your business

Business Online Banking:

  • Monitor real-time balances and funds transfer activity.
  • Access check and deposit transaction images.
  • Access online and wire origination and approvals.

Sweep Services:

  • Automate your daily cash management decisions by sweeping your funds.
  • Link your line of credit to your business checking account and excess checking balances will be applied to the credit account.