4 Benefits of Your Brokerage Going Paperless | Florida Capital Bank

Developing a paperless brokerage can be a beneficial strategy for firms of any size. Going paperless involves deploying effective technology to simplify and run most of your day-to-day business operations that allow your loan officers to connect with their home buyers, streamline the lending process, and contribute to the preservation of our environment. Through integrating a more digital process, your brokerage can see an increase in productivity, adding to your bottom line.

Automate Your Manual Process

This is the most significant advantage of going paperless. It offers you the perfect opportunity to move your manual documents to an electronic format. Through process automation, your loan officers can easily manage current loans, provide necessary documentation for prospects, and enhance productivity overall. Document automation allows you to build business rules on how to distribute and store electronic documents, critical reports, and other data. It also offers you a chance to collaborate with loan officers, home buyers, and wholesale lenders by sharing information digitally so they can be reviewed and acted upon in a timely manner.

Make Your Home Buyer Happy

How can your paperless process directly impact your customer’s experience? By providing the speed, quality assurance and convenience home buyers are looking for. Today, most consumers prefer self-service other than calling and waiting on hold. Going paperless allows you to provide vital information to your customers electronically enabling them to inquire at their own free time and convenience. Providing your customers with seamless access to essential information not only gives them a positive home buying experience but also transforms them into being loyal customers and potential referral sources.

Conserve the Environment

Environmental concerns are very real, and it is imperative that companies of all sizes try to be as environmentally conscious as possible. With less paper being used and wasted, you can find pride in your brokerage contributing to the preservation of the planet. The effects of environmental pollutions have become evident. The whole world has started seeing the need to go paperless. Going paperless will help manage pollution and cut down on deforestation as well.

While the entire loan process may not be eligible to go digital, there are still benefits of converting to a paperless brokerage. And with the addition of management systems that allow customers to digitally sign and send documents, the change can become even easier.