Get real-time alerts, enabling you to take quick action to better manage your accounts.

Choose your alerts.

Select from dozens of activity alerts that you can receive notifications on for your accounts.

Platinum Payback Card

Debit Card

Instantly know if a purchase using your debit card was just processed.

ATM icon


Instantly know when an ATM withdrawal is made.



Instantly know when a check clears that exceeds the amount you set.

Account balance

Account Balance

Instantly know when your account balance falls below a certain threshold.

Delivered the way you want.

Messages are sent instantly using any of the delivery channels you choose:

Text Alert


Receive SecureAlerts through text messages on your smartphone or wearable devices.



Receive email messages about your account activity.

Mobile banking icon

Mobile App

Receive notifications from your smartphone or wearable device. Activate these alerts right from our Mobile banking app.

Desktop banking

Online Banking

View your Notifi SecureAlerts every time you log on to Online Banking.

Dozens of Secure Alerts to choose from:

Security Alerts

  • Online banking password was changed
  • Online banking login was locked out

Transaction Alerts

  • Transaction over/equal threshold amount
  • Check number XXX cleared
  • Credit/debit transaction was posted

Balance Alerts

  • Account balance above/below threshold
  • Account in overdrawn status

Transfer Alerts

  • Outgoing transfer over threshold amount
  • Incoming transfer over threshold amount
  • Transfer failed

Certificate of Deposit Alerts

  • Time account was renewed
  • CD is approaching maturity

Loan Alerts

  • Payment was posted to loan
  • Loan is past due
  • Loan payment is due