Why Your Small Business Should Get Involved in the Community | Florida Capital Bank

The difference between owning a business and owning a successful business is customers. Whether you’re providing products or services, it’s important to have the constant support of the consumer.

However, there are ways in which the relationship that you have with your community can grow beyond supply and demand. Connecting with consumers outside of your business can actually come around as a benefit to you, and here’s how:

  1. Garner Exposure

Whether you post your outreach efforts on your own social media, or a news outlet decides to highlight your business, the exposure that you get from positively impacting your community is only more beneficial to your image as a whole.

  1. Strengthen Customer Loyalty

More and more, people are deciding to spend their money on products and services that come from companies they emotionally support. The knowledge that you not only provide quality services, but that your business is a wholesome one is attractive to consumers. It makes them want to come back to you, ultimately making them more loyal.

  1. Get a Leg Up on Competition

Many companies find it difficult to get involved in their community. However, like we’ve stated before, customers are becoming more emotionally involved in where they spend money. If the difference in whether a consumer chooses Business A vs. Business B falls in whether or not one has more corporate social responsibility (CSR), you’re going to be the one who is more involved.


When you begin to connect with your community outside of your business, you want to remain visible to your target audience. At the same time, expanding your reach even to those who are less likely to utilize your services can allow you the same benefits. There are many ways to get involved with people in your community. You may want to think about the following:


Donations don’t necessarily have to come in the form of a giant cardboard check. Getting your office together to donate food to a local animal shelter or clothes to a homeless shelter can end up mean a lot to its recipients. If your business focuses more on providing services, you may want to think about doing so free of charge for non-profit organizations in your community.

Partner Up

When small businesses collaborate with one another, a lot of good things happen. Forming a new partnership can help your business in the back end, but also helps further show how dedicated you are to your community. Whether you sponsor an event together or host a social media contest, there is strength in numbers, and that works well with business partnerships.

Hire Interns

Giving college students the opportunity to learn and gain experience in the working world shows that you are invested in the futures of the youth, and are committed to preparing them for success.

Attend Community Events (as a group!) –

Participating in 5K runs or other community events as a corporation is a great way to support causes, and also get your name out there.


There is so much that you can gain from connecting with your community that stands outside of the success of your business. To many, being able to give back, even in small ways, is a reward in and of itself.