Prevent Fraud With Our ACH Positive Pay Service

One of the best lines of defense to combat fraud associated with electronic payments is having the right tool in place. When you add ACH Positive Pay service to your business account you gain control over the ACH transactions that post to your business account.

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Be Proactive Against ACH fraud

Our ACH Positive Pay tool gives you the ability to manage and monitor ACH debits and credits posted to your account via filters and blocks. You’ll be able to make decisions on transactions before your account is debited — and reduce the risk of potential fraud.

Benefits of Securing Your Business Account With ACH Positive Pay

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Improved Control Over Payments

  • Detect fraudulent transactions before payment is processed
  • Review any suspicious items and determine action
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Cost Saving and Increased Efficiency

  • Reduce potential losses
  • Receive alerts to ensure only valid transactions are made on your account
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Greater Security and Enhanced Protection

  • Monitor and guard against fraud
  • Establish rules for vendors, set expiration dates and amount limits
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Reduce Your Risk of Loss

With FLCBank’s ACH Positive Pay tool, you can set up filters and establish rules for vendors that are automatically paid, and set expiration dates and amount limits. Transactions presented for payment are scrutinized and anything that falls outside your criteria is considered an exception, which will require your timely, daily review, or the transaction may be returned.*

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No matter the size of your business, you are vulnerable to ACH fraud. The FLCBank team is ready to help you manage and control your business finances in every situation. Secure all of your business bank accounts today with our Positive Pay Services.


Additional Treasury Management Services Available

At Florida Capital Bank, we offer a number of other leading-edge Treasury Management Services that can help you achieve optimal cash management and simplified accounting. These services include but are not limited to:

Business Online Banking

  • Monitor real-time balances and funds transfer activity.
  • Access check and deposit transaction images.
  • Access online and wire origination and approvals.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Wire Transfers

  • Easily and securely download your ACH files.
  • Initiate and manage online wire transfers, including domestic and international payments (USD currency only)

Sweep Services

  • Automate your daily cash management decisions by sweeping your funds.
  • Link your line of credit to your business checking account and excess checking balances will be applied to the credit account.

Remote Deposit Capture


  • Allow your customers or business partners to send payments directly to your lockbox.
  • Minimize debt costs and keep funds available for your business

Check Positive Pay

  • Detect fraudulent checks before payment is processed
  • Reduce time and labor with an automated process
  • Reduce risk due to unauthorized, lost, duplicate, and stolen checks

*FLCBank offers ACH Positive Pay Service to help identify unusual ACH transactions that might be fraudulent transactions. The owner of the Business account may be responsible for any fraudulent or unauthorized ACH transactions which could have been prevented by using a service like ACH Positive Pay. For more details on FLCBank’s ACH Positive Pay service and your responsibility to prevent fraud please see the Terms and Conditions document provided when a business account is opened.