Avoid Stress by Spending Wisely this Holiday Season | Florida Capital Bank

It’s that time of year again. Your sanity, finances and time seem to get pushed to maximum capacity—and occasionally, beyond it. You have family gatherings and gifts to plan for. You need to work harder so you can be caught up enough with work to take some time off. You also have social functions related to your job and other social groups outside your family obligations.

Planning the perfect party and trying to purchase the perfect gift for everyone on your list can push maintaining your household budget to the bottom of your list of priorities. These tips will help you have a happy holiday season and ring in the new year feeling good about your finances.

Have a Budget for your Holiday Spending

You think the advertisements and holiday decorations come early? Retailers and other companies spend all year scheming how they will persuade you to spend just a little bit more than you planned to each time you do any shopping for the holidays. Determine the total amount you are going to spend before you do any holiday shopping. Your shopping will go much more smoothly. Then, after it is all over, you will have no surprises or regrets about your spending.

Make your Holiday Shopping Cash-Only

This is easier said than done. Credit cards are convenient and buying on credit lets you buy some costly gifts that you know people on your list want. But aren’t some of the most memorable gifts the least expensive ones? You are not buying gifts to impress or intimidate your loved ones. The season is for enriching the lives of others and expressing your gratitude for your loved ones. These things do not require emptying your bank account.

Relax and Enjoy Every Moment

Creativity favors a relaxed mind. Whether you are selecting the perfect gift, crafting decorations for your home, or cooking your family’s favorite holiday treats, you will do it better when you are not stressed or distracted. Maintaining control of your money during the holidays eliminates one of the biggest sources of stress and gives you one more thing to be grateful for.

At Florida Capital Bank, we are happy to help you achieve all of your financial goals and make the most of life by being in control of your finances. Whether you are purchasing your first home, starting a family, planning for retirement, or just setting aside some funds for a special purchase, come by and discuss your needs with one of our friendly financial experts.