Florida Capital Bank

19Jul 2017

If you want to create transferable value in your company, focus on moving your business up the mountain of value creation. As a business moves from one level to the next, risk is reduced and value increases significantly to a prospective buyer which can include any of the following: existing partners, management, family, strategic buyer Continue reading »

12Apr 2017

Enhanced security credit and debit chip cards are being rolled out to consumers as a powerful new defense against fraud and counterfeiting. These cards contain an embedded computer chip that is personalized for your account and every in-person transaction generates a unique code, making them more secure by adding this extra safeguard against unauthorized use. Continue reading »

08Mar 2017

Even after so many years of serving as CEO of your closely held private or family owned business, you find that you still experience great satisfaction and personal motivation from leading the strategic direction of your company. You have asked and answered the important question of whether or not you are ready for an ownership Continue reading »