5 Benefits of Equipment Financing | Florida Capital Bank

Florida Capital Bank (FLCBank) understands the importance of commercial loans for equipment financing. Specialized equipment can help many companies to grow and become increasingly profitable. However, this type of asset can be prohibitively expensive, and few small and medium-sized businesses can fund these purchases alone.

By applying for an equipment loan, you can expect several benefits that support business success.

What Types of Commercial Lending Is Available in Florida?

Business owners typically apply for financing to purchase the following types of assets:

  • Vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Medical, manufacturing, or industrial equipment
  • Computer hardware and software

Company owners look at financing diverse types of assets for various reasons, so they frequently turn to lenders like the FLCBank for assistance with equipment financing in FL. They do so with good cause because of the many benefits they can enjoy.

What Are the Benefits of Equipment Financing FL?

Offering equipment loans benefits the borrower in several ways. Here are some reasons why FLCBank encourages companies to apply for commercial lending in FL.

  1. Finance New or Used Equipment

FLCBank can issue commercial loans for new or used equipment depending on client needs. Each situation is individual, so we will tailor services to meet unique approved client needs. In providing this option, your company can benefit from used or new equipment, which both have positive financial implications.

  1. Quick Loan Approval Process

Our clients can apply for equipment financing online in Florida and expect a rapid response. Alternatively, we encourage potential clients to visit us so that one of our financial experts can provide personalized financial advice and guidance regarding your commercial financing needs.

  1. Flexible Payment Terms

Each case is unique, so we customize our commercial lending in Florida to cater to specific business requirements. We encourage potential clients to speak to one of our professional financial advisors to determine what level of commercial financing they require to get their business goals on track with flexible repayment terms.

  1. Secured Equipment Loans

Banks want to help small businesses succeed, so they provide commercial lending for equipment purchases which would otherwise be impossible. The bank also secures the loan with the equipment purchase by offering this service. Having this security reduces the company’s financial responsibilities should it not be able to service the loan or improves creditworthiness if the company wishes to expand.

  1. Long-Term Relationship

Investing in a loan to buy expensive equipment is often a long-term commitment. Through the duration of the equipment financing in Florida, the bank gets to build long-term relationships with its customers. This relationship frequently leads to additional business, such as equipment purchases and short or long terms loans to aid lasting business growth, from which your company can benefit.

Learn how FLCBank can help grow your business with an equipment loan and enjoy further benefits.