Florida Capital Bank

30Dec 2014

The general outlook for the economy of the United States in 2015 is a good one, and many different sectors are on the upswing. In fact, growth in 2015 may be even higher than expected according to many economists that previously thought 2015 might be a stagnant year due to a slow fourth quarter in Continue reading »

10Dec 2014

Do you want to boost your credit score? Unfortunately, it’s difficult to improve your credit score overnight, especially if you have hefty credit card balances. If you’re willing to discipline yourself and adopt some new habits, you can steadily improve your score until it’s right where you want it to be. The banking professionals at Continue reading »

25Aug 2014

Staying out of debt is certainly wise financial advice. However, you will not always always be able to afford to pay cash for everything that you need or want. There are some things that are going to require borrowing money in order to finance the purchase. These big-ticket items may include a car, a college Continue reading »