Keeping Up With Social Media | Small Business Week | Florida Capital Bank

Social media had become very prevalent in today’s society. With more than 70% of the U.S. population having at least one social media profile, it’s important to realize the impact that an interesting and engaging presence online can give your business.

Just like you would with your website, you want to make sure the social media profiles for your business are a positive reflection. However, unlike with a website, on social media you are able to connect faster, more effectively and more creatively with customers.

Here are some tips for navigating through some of the most popular platforms for business:


Facebook- 1.59 billion monthly users

  • Share: Sharing content from other businesses creates diversity on your page, and also gives other businesses reason to share your original content.
  • Avoid Spamming: No one likes seeing the same thing over and over on their newsfeed. Post strategically to avoid annoying your consumers.
  • Utilize Post Options: Videos, gifs, photos. There are a lot of ways to post content, so try utilizing them!

Instagram – 400 Million monthly users

  • Get Creative: Instagram is a great platform to show creativity. Behind-the-scenes shots of employees at work make your business more personable and allow you to connect with your customers.
  • Post Strategically: “Themed” posts or profiles are eye catching to the public and it makes them more likely to want to take a peek into your business. Add in interesting content and you’re sure to build your following.
  • Complete Your Profile: Make sure to completely fill out your business name, bio and add a profile picture to attract customers. Adding a website directly to your “About Me” section makes it easier to navigate back to where customers can learn more about you.

Twitter – 320 million monthly users

  • Respond: With the use of the “@” symbol, you can more easily find people who are talking about your business. Search for the conversation and join in.
  • Retweet: Just like with Facebook, Twitter makes it easy to share the content of other businesses and influencers. Retweeting good feedback from customers is a great practice!
  • Practice Cautious Timeliness: Due to the fast-pace nature of Twitter, it’s understandable that you’ll want to join every trending topic. Be careful here – sometimes the topic is something you actually wouldn’t want your business to be a part of.

There are many differences in practice when it comes to using social media personally versus professionally. When you’re managing your business’s social account, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:


  • Consider a company hashtag. Using this across your active accounts allows you to stay uniform in your postings, and it makes finding you easier for potential customers.
  • Mix it up. Posting different forms of content (videos, gifs, photos, etc.) keeps your profile interesting.
  • Track your progress. Search your hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to see how others use it. Or, take note of how many shares a specific Facebook posts receives. If you’re putting your time into managing a account for your business, you’ll want to know how it’s benefitting you.


  • Just sell yourself. If every post you make is an advertisement, it can drive people away from your page. (Exactly the opposite of what you want.)
  • Think you need an account on every platform. Instead of having three half-managed accounts, pick the platform(s) that work best for your business and focus on those.
  • Leave bad comments. If a customer leaves a public complaint, you’ll want to respond to this in the same manner: publicly. In no more than two comments, try to get as much information from the customer on who they are, what the problem is, and offer to solve it in a direct message. The commenter may be in the mood to argue, but do your best to not take their words personally.

 Social media is an incredible tool for businesses when used effectively. The variety in content production available through each platform allows you to promote your business in creative and funs ways.